A Quick Overview of a Master’s Degree in Education

A Master’s degree in education provides educators with the opportunity to advance their careers and increase their salaries. There are a bounty of different concentrations that can be chosen, including Special Education and Guidance Counseling to name a few. With a Bachelor’s degree in education, teachers can go back to school and in under a year, obtain a Master’s degree. In most cases, there are only 15 credits in between a teacher with Bachelor’s degree and one with a Master’s degree. Those who pursue a doctorate’s degree can expect to be in school for two to three years. It all comes down to the certificate one has and the institution they obtain their graduate degree from. Read on to find out more about getting a graduate degree in education.

What is an Education Graduate Degree?

Generally speaking, a graduate degree in education is a degree that is given to students who continue their education for another year or so. There are different types of graduate degrees for the education field, including:

  • Fifth Tear Master’s degree
  • Master’s in Teaching (or MIT)
  • Master’s Degree in Education (or MEd).

Going the extra mile will ensure that a proper education is obtained, allowing graduates to further their careers.

With the Fifth Year Master’s degree program, an additional year of coursework is taken after a Bachelor’s degree is obtained. During this year, intensive lessons are given, leading to a teaching credential and a Master’s degree in education. Certain state requirements must be met in order to become a certified teacher, but in most cases, Master’s degree programs meet most state’s criteria. Many that get this form of degree can focus on the subject area that they studied during their four-year degree and some then go on to study the art of teaching, also known as pedagogy.

The MEd program is the most general degree in education. This option is suitable for those who would like to pursue careers in leadership, educational administration or research and policy. It can also be a path to other opportunities in education, such as gaining access to a doctorate or specialist degree. Anyone interested in becoming a guidance counselor or other counseling professional, can opt for the MEd.

The MIT is ideal for teachers who are interested in earning a higher salary. This type of degree enhances the skill level of graduates, ultimately leading to career growth. There are specific areas of study that one can take to obtain an MIT, including Master of Arts in Special Education or Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction. Of the three graduate degree types, the MIT offers the most hands-on and classroom-centered courses. In order to get an MIT, at least 30 credit hours must be completed and students must conduct peer teaching for one semester. It’s not uncommon for students to take MIT courses in addition to the fifth year degree or as night classes.

What’s Taught During a Graduate Degree

It takes a total of 30 credit hours to complete a Master’s degree in education. This can take as little as 18 months to complete. Depending on the institution that the graduate degree is obtained from, the program will usually consist of five core courses for the student’s selected concentration. The concentrations that are available include:

  • Educational Leadership
  • Inclusion Education
  • Curriculum & Instruction Strategies
  • Literacy K-12

Within the five courses, students will learn about the principles of leadership within the classroom and outside the classroom. Important leadership skills are taught, allowing students to examine the teacher’s role as a leader. Some of the other topics that are covered in the Master’s degree program for education include:

  • Teaching strategies
  • Creating differentiation in the classroom
  • Theories and types of instructional models
  • Course creation
  • Class management techniques
  • Motivation theory

At the end of the courses, students will be required to complete a final project portfolio that will showcase their organization, research, goal setting and they will have to perform a case study.

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