The advantages of studying in Canada

According to the study of “The Human Development Index” conducted by experts from the United Nations, Canada is constantly kept in the top three countries with the highest standard of living. According to research of “the Economist” publishing, the Canadian cities of Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary have repeatedly ranked the first place. The Canadian college programs are very popular also.

Almost every educational institution is located over large areas-campuses, with modern high-tech equipment, comfortable dormitories, gyms, and the classes of small sizes and qualified teachers make the college programs in Toronto really interesting, high-quality and effective.

The legislation gives the possibility to all students who study on long college programs, to earn money outside of college time. This significantly reduces the costs of the stay in the country. Really the lowest-paid student earns 8 CAD per hour, but on average 12-15 CAD per 1 hour.

But most promising is not part-time job but the real work. An important advantage and perhaps the main achievement of Canadian education is its focus on the practice! A lot of college programs in Toronto include a paid internship in the specialty during the study. Here the main thing is not the money (although money certainly paid) but that the student is typed the great experience (which is necessary for himself, and for a summary) and the fact that a lot of employers during the internship picking up their employees for the permanent posts.

Canada is one of the countries whose certificates and the college programs are highly rated in the international education market. Otherwise, such amount of the Americans and Europeans would not go there for education.

The tuition fees in Canada on 35 – 40% cheaper than in Europe and almost two times cheaper than in the UK! The cost of living in Canada on 20-25% lowers than in the neighboring United States!

Canada is a bilingual country. Here French is used interchangeably with English. And you can choose the college programs, respectively, in one of these languages.

Canadian law allows the foreigners – the graduates of Canadian universities to remain in the country and work for a period of 1 to 3 years, depending on the duration of the college programs.

College diploma gives you the right to work in Canada, which will allow you to independently pay for your studies at the University in full-time or evening classes.

Currently, there is a growing demand for post graduate certificate program. These programs are chosen by those students who have already one high education, and they want to get any more applied knowledge in their field or retrain for another profession. As a rule, a new specialty to be more or less comparable with the old (such as accounting – management, specialist in computer networks – programmer and others examples).

In case of extension of the labor contract and the absence of the problems with the police, the further work permits and a residence permit – just a formality!

Charlie May, the American blogger who has already been living in Canada for 5 years, is telling about the advantages of studying in Canada on the example of college programs in Toronto and wishes all the students to choose the right and interesting college program.

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